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Tower City, PA is close to our Twin Valley Alliance Church home in Williamstown, PA which means it is a great area to be part of our wonderful church community.

Twin Valley Church is available to you if you’re interested in
        - Church Services
        - Kid’s Ministry
        - Youth Ministry
        - Lady’s Ministry
        - Men’s Ministry

If you’re looking for a comforting place to discover hope and a loving relationship with God and others, Twin Valley Church is here for you.

Our lead pastor, Pastor Joel, moved to the area with his family in 2011 to serve the Twin Valley Alliance Church community. Before that time, Pastor Joel and his wife Lynn were raised in update New York and then went to Nyack College. After serving 15 years as missionaries in Peru and Argentina the family joined us at Twin Valley Church.

If you are looking for answers and want to move forward on your spiritual journey join us at Twin Valley Alliance Church. We are a safe space that will work with you to explore your spiritual questions while you discover hope and a loving relationship with God and others. We are more than a church, we are a family that is always welcoming new members to share our love of the Lord.

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