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1st: Are You Missing Grace
2nd: Insider vs Outsider
3rd: The Prodigal and the Pigs
4th: The Prodigal Father Grace
5th: Dangers of Being Good
7th: Are You Seeking The Lost
6th: Unworthy: Grace
8th: Back to the Gospel
9th: Grace Permission to Sin
10th: Gace & the Battle Within
11th: Sealed by the Spirit
12th: Grace & God's Love
13th: Shaped by Grace
14th: Don't Get Mad Give Grace
15th: The Gift That Keeps Giving
16th: Looking for a Sign?
17th: The Prodigal Prophet
18th: Jonah The Cost of Disobedience
19th: How to Pray After Failure
20th: Can You Change Directions
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