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Home Fellowship Bible study with the Yost Family

The Yost family's Home Fellowship Bible Study has been a source of great blessings for all its attendees since it started a few months ago. The group initially began with the Book of Daniel and then went on to study Mark, and they have now moved on to studying the Book of Revelation. The main topic of discussion in the group has been the end-time events, and the group has been using the Expository method of Bible study.

The Expository method of Bible study involves selecting a passage and breaking it down into its component parts to gain a deeper understanding of the text. The group reads a chapter and then discusses it before moving on to the next chapter of the book they are studying. This method has been beneficial to the group, as it has revealed a more profound meaning to the passages.

The group meets every Wednesday night from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm at the Yost family home in Williamstown. Everyone is welcome to join the group. If you're interested in attending, please fill out a connect card at the link below or email the church at

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