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Yost family Bible Study

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Dive into an enriching Bible Study experience. The Yost Family Home Fellowship & Bible Study group, presented by the Twin Valley Alliance Church, hosted by the Yost family warmly welcomes you every Wednesday at 6:30 pm. Be our guest for a captivating evening in Williamstown at the Yost family home.

Step into an inspiring exploration as our Home Fellowship & Bible Study Group opens its doors to people of all backgrounds. Feel the bond of community as we venture into the realms of fellowship and Bible study, currently focusing on 1 John.

Participate in deep discussions about prophecies and the fascinating topic of end times. Ignite your inquisitiveness, broaden your viewpoints, and discover the profound insights within these scriptures in a supportive and welcoming setting.

To join us please reach out to us at or visit We're excited to journey with you in this quest for understanding. Together, let's unlock the boundless world of knowledge.

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