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          The Gate Kids Ministry
       Church and Van Conduct Policy

The Gate Kids Ministry and transportation to and from Twin Valley Alliance Church is a privilege that is extended to children/youth in the Williams Valley Area. Children / Youth are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that does not interfere with the safe operation of the Gate Ministry or Church vans. We please ask that you discuss this policy with your children.

Disciplinary Infractions on the Church van include but are not limited to.

1. Not following the directions of the van driver or helper.


2. Not remaining in the seat and facing front when the van is in motion.


3. Littering or throwing items out the window or in the van. (paper, candy, cans.bottles, etc)


4. Fighting, pushing, tripping, shoving, bulling, and kicking.


5. Yelling, making unnecessary noise arguing with the van driver or helper


6. Eating or drinking in the van.


7. Use of inappropriate language (Profanity)


8. Any type of destruction of property.

Conduct expectations at The Gate include, but are not limited to.

1. Children or youth will treat others with respect; no swearing, fighting, bullying, hitting, or pushing.


2. Children/Youth will properly use the Twin Valley Alliance Church property and not cause destruction.

3. Children/Youth may not run in the Church unless participating in a game/event that includes that activity

If a Child/Youth does not obey the church/van rules , the incident will be documented and parents contacted as appropriate. Consequences will reflect the nature of the offence and frequency of misconduct. Significant and /or repeated misconduct may result in the loss of van or Gate attendance privilages.

If the severity of the misconduct requires that the child be sent home, the parents/guardians will be required to come and pick up the child/youth

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