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Keepers of the Kingdom:  Standing Strong In Today's Battle For Truth VBS Kids Ministry

I Twin Valley Alliance Church would like to to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the wonderful parents, children, and volunteers who made our VBS program on "The Two Kingdoms" such a tremendous success on Friday, July 14th and Saturday, July 15th! It was truly an incredible experience.


Throughout the program, the children embarked on an exciting journey to explore the contrasting kingdoms of light and darkness. They discovered the beautiful kingdom of light, ruled by our good King and Creator God, as well as the dark kingdom governed by the enemy, satan.


We are delighted that the children had the opportunity to delve into the significance of "The Belt" and understand the importance of wearing the armor of God in their daily lives. Starting with the belt of truth, they learned how it strengthens their trust in God's Word and guides them to live truthfully.


The lessons on "The Breastplate and Shoes" were equally enlightening. The children discovered the importance of putting on Christ's righteousness through the breastplate and walking in the shoes of peace, fostering strong Christian convictions and a desire to share the love of Jesus with others.


We cannot overlook the valuable lessons of "The Shield and Helmet." The children learned how to protect themselves from enemy attacks such as wrong thinking, discouragement, and deception. Armed with discernment and a firm faith, they can withstand the challenges that come their way.


And, of course, "The Sword and Prayer" left an indelible impression on the children as they explored the power of God's Word and the importance of prayer. The Word of God is their ultimate weapon, and prayer is their vital connection to Him.


As parents, we encourage you to keep these lessons alive at home and inspire your children to share the love of Jesus with others. Help them train their minds to memorize, love, and obey God's Word, empowering them for life's battles. And never forget, prayer is their greatest weapon in every situation they face.


Once again, thank you to all the parents, children, and volunteers who contributed to the success of our VBS program. Your dedication and enthusiasm made it a truly memorable event. We look forward to seeing the growth of each child's faith throughout the year. Please mark your calendars and join us again next year for another fantastic VBS adventure when it's announced! Stay blessed and keep shining the light of Jesus wherever you go.

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