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Jesus Revolution


the Twin Valley Alliance Church would like to tell you about a new movie that is in theaters now called "Jesus Revolution"

In the 1970s, young Greg Laurie (Joel Courtney) is searching for all the right things in all the wrong places: until he meets Lonnie Frisbee (Jonathan Roumie), a charismatic hippie street preacher. Together with Pastor Chuck Smith (Kelsey Grammer), they open the doors of Smith’s languishing church to an unexpected revival of radical and newfound love, leading to what TIME Magazine dubbed a JESUS REVOLUTION.

God is speaking to a new generation, saying, “What I have done before, I will do again. What I have done in the Jesus Movement, I will do again; in your homes, in your churches, in your schools, in your workplace, in every culture, and among every community, because where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom.” Yes, Lord! Do it again! What you did before, may You do it again for a new generation! You have chosen already those who will lead these movements, and we cry out day and night. Use us, Lord, for Your glory! May the fires on our alters never burn out. As long as breath is in our lungs, may we praise Your holy name; for You are worthy of Your full reward, Abba. Jesus, You are worthy!

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