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Join Us Online

Dear valued guest,


We extend a warm invitation to you to join our YouTube live-streamed worship service on Sunday mornings at 10:15 a.m. If your unable to physically join us for our service you can be part of this truly enriching spiritual experience. Whether you're near or far, you can now embrace the moments of worship right from the comfort of your personal space. By clicking on the link below, you will be directed to our YouTube Channel, where the unmistakable "live" icon awaits, assuring your connection to this authentic spiritual journey.

🌐 By joining us today, you become an integral part of our congregation and family! Let's collectively celebrate our faith, share in the joys and challenges of life, and strengthen our connections. Simply access the following to the "WATCH NOW" button to be taken to our Live Stream:

But that's not all — we believe that true spiritual connection goes beyond virtual gatherings. As you immerse yourself in this worship experience, we invite you to take another step in your journey with us. Consider filling out a connection card to let us know a bit more about you. This card serves as a bridge to deeper engagement, and you will find that button below


✨ Seize the opportunity not only to partake in elevating worship but also to engage with our virtual community in a more meaningful way. We eagerly await your digital presence as we gather in unity to worship as one.


📺 To maintain a consistent connection and to stay informed about our upcoming videos and live streams, we kindly encourage you to subscribe to our esteemed YouTube channel. For your convenience, here's the button below that will take you there:


Your presence matters to us, and together, we can make this worship experience truly special.


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