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Safety Reminder for the Solar Eclipse April 8, 2024

Safety Reminder for Today's Solar Eclipse

Dear Friends,

Today, Monday, April 8th, 2024, a solar eclipse will be visible in Pennsylvania. It's crucial to prioritize safety by following guidelines during this event. Please remember to never look directly at the sun without wearing official solar glasses and limit your time viewing this event. Caution is advised while outdoors to ensure your safety.Additionally, these safety precautions should also be followed during any outdoor events occurring during the two to three hours of the eclipse phase progression. Whether you're intending to view the eclipse, participating in outdoor labs or activities, playground time, sports events, or commuting to and from school or other events, please prioritize eye safety.Observers should always use solar viewing or eclipse glasses, hand-held solar viewers made with sun filter film, or an alternative safe solar viewing method, such as a pinhole projector, to view the sun. This includes partial or annular eclipses, as well as before or after totality during a total solar eclipse. Even a brief glimpse of the sun can cause permanent damage to your eyes.NASA recommends extreme caution during the fleeting moments of totality during a total solar eclipse. While totality can be safe to observe, it depends on factors like viewing angles and duration, which vary by location. Safe solar viewers are significantly darker than sunglasses and should comply with the ISO 12312-2 international safety standard.Your safety is of utmost importance, so please take these precautions seriously.

God's blessings always,

Twin Valley Alliance Church

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