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Update Yost Home Bible Study Group

Tonight at the Yost Family Home Bible Fellowship group started with a time of worship by singing a few songs written by Keith green. The group this evening we’re discussing the great tribulation that happens after the Church has been raptured and the 7 year treaty between the antichrist and Israel and the different prophecies and looking up everything in scripture to keep everything we are learning in context. This group meets weekly on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm at the Yost’s family home in Williamstown. At this group you will Engage in meaningful conversations about prophecies and the fascinating concept of the end times. Let your curiosity run wild, challenge your perspectives, and uncover the hidden wisdom within these texts in an open and non-judgmental atmosphere.

For more information and to explore these enlightening opportunities with us, reach out to us at or visit our website at

We can't wait to embark on this enriching journey with you! Let's unravel mysteries together because the pursuit of knowledge knows no bounds. 🌟🔍 #BibleStudy #Fellowship #twinvalleyalliancechurch #homebiblestudy

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