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Men & Woman's Breakfast Special Speaker

This morning at Twin Valley Alliance Church, we kicked off our day with the monthly men and women's breakfast. Amidst the delightful spread featuring three different breakfast egg casseroles, bacon, sausage, plain, toast, and coffee cake, the usual format took a twist. Instead of breaking into groups, we welcomed a guest speaker, Scott Chivinski. His impactful testimony, chronicled in the book "WHO AM I?," delves into the awe-inspiring idea that the Creator knows us each by name.

"September 6th, 2006 was supposed to be just another day. Not for Scott Chivinski, falling forty feet and being found initially dead, then with injuries that no one expected him to recover from. The Hand of God in numerous unexplainable miracles compels this to be told. There is more than hope for those that believe. While we will never totally understand how, God does take all things and make them perfect. For His Glory (Rom 8:28) I am His "

This group gathers monthly on the last Saturday of the month at 8:30 am, and everyone is I’ll welcome. Don't miss this opportunity to join us for a time of food, fellowship, and inspiring stories.

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