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Ministering to the residents of Heritage Mills

Earlier today, a group from Twin Valley Alliance Church paid a visit to the Heritage Mills Personal Care and Memory Assistance Center located in Tower City. The residents and our group had a delightful time together as we sang some of our favorite hymns, such as "In The Garden," "Jesus Loves Me," "Holy Holy Holy," "Faith of our Fathers," "Amazing Grace," and others that were requested by the residents. Brother Frank Yost led our devotion time, where we discussed John Chapter 2 and the story of Jesus's first miracle of turning water into wine at a festival, and Frank also talked about Jesus cleansing the temple in Matthew 21. The residents were overjoyed to have us worship alongside them and also minister to them. One resident was moved by the Spirit of God and began preaching and sharing his testimony of Jesus being his personal savior and how others could also be saved.

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