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Yost Family Home Bible Study Group

Get ready for an extraordinary gathering! Last Wednesday, the Yost Family Home Bible Study Fellowship group convened at their cozy residence in the picturesque town of Williamstown. Their recent focus has been the awe-inspiring Book of Revelations, delving into end-time events, prophetic insights, and the captivating connection to current happenings. Like clockwork, this enthusiastic group assembles every Wednesday night at the Yost home, transforming it into a hub of spiritual exploration. If you're longing to be a part of this remarkable study group, the doors are wide open! Reach out to the Twin Valley Alliance Church through various channels: dial 717-647-2173, drop a message on our vibrant Facebook page, or simply shoot us an email at Or fill out a connect card on our church website Don't let this incredible opportunity for Bible study and fellowship slip away—join us and discover a whole new dimension of enlightenment and camaraderie.

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